Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Slim Chance (Classical Animation)

My first Short film done this year at the Vancouver Film School using pencil and paper and digitally coloured and composited using Toon Boom Harmony

Inanimate objects

Some old perspective sketches

General Knowledge (Flash Animation)

My second short film done at VFS using Adobe Flash.

Portraits and caricatures!

Combination of Caricatures drawn from actual celebrity pictures and some live portraits

30 sec Gestures!

VFS life drawing classes!

1 hour life drawings

More Life Drawings

5 minute full body life drawings and detailed hands & feet studies (again.. 5min)

Life Drawings!!!

Drawings from life drawing classes at the Vancouver Film School.
These here are 2 min sketches.

Animal Drawings!

used picture references for these

Cleaned up life drawings.. old stuff!

Some old life drawings...except the skeleton...he's dead for sure! At the sme time I was also testing my line quality so just cleaned these up here. The 'life' drawings here took about 15 min each to complete. The dead one took an hour!

In the beginning

Some of my artwork from about a year back...that was my 'illustrative ' way of drawing then