Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Animation Demo Reel

Animal sketches!

Some animal gestures I did this week! I've been wanting to draw animals for the longest time. I draw human characters a lot, but wasn't as comfortable drawing animals. The more I study them though, and thanks to life drawing habits, I believe I'm much more confident while drawing animals now!
I tried to go to parks and draw animals but hardly saw as many. I guess people don't go for a walk with their pets when it's cold out there! So I finally got some references from the internet and timed myself while doing a drawing!

More Characters!

some examples of different characters used in different stages of a character design pack!

Character Designs

Some character designs I did some time back. A mixture of class assignments and my own doodles!


Some of my work from VFS. Honestly i'm not the best person for designing backgrounds because I love working with characters. It was still fun to design the layouts here. Also, designing layouts made me more at ease with using perspective and understandin 3D space even better!