Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aniket Natekar- Character Animation reel 2011

My new character animation reel (2D Traditional/Digital). It inludes peronsl and professional work from 2009-2011.
I cannot include the current work (from 2012) since it hasn't aired yet. I hope to share that work with you soon..
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First 'steps' in 3D....

I started learning Maya.. teaching myself at home thanks to some amazing kind people who post tutorials online. The book 'How to Cheat in Maya' has been an enormous help. I hope to dedicate more time regularly towards this. Animation IS my passion and I wanna keep getting better and work on feature films.

So here's a walk cycle I animated using the Malcolm Rig(Malcolm character courtesy of

The animation here is far from perfect (pops and jitters in the joints are obvious)and I have done a lot more tests in the process of learning.
Just wanted to share a test with you all.. Please feel free to critique it..

Ah Yes! The beach

Doodles while at the airport

I came across this beautiful student film, 'In-Between'. I loved the animation and the overall look of the film. So while waiting for my flight... I just drew something inspired by the short.
Here's the link for the short, if you haven't seen it:
The second illustration, well, I was on my way to Greece for a vacation!

Bat-mania continues

I was doing some life drawing from 'The Drawing Script'. Great website by the way..Highly recommended for life drawing if you can't attend a live session and for motion poses that you can't get a live model to hold  for you. Anyways, one of the poses was so action-packed and dynamic.. I had to convert it to batman!
The rest is just an idea that sprung from how some cats are always grumpy.. just like Mr. Batman.. so Bat-cat!
Hope you like it.

Barbaric Hero!

Just a fun character illustration I did quite some time ago. Had fun with the pose and the attitude, so decided to clean it up and colour it.... lots to learn......

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Saw the Dark Knight Rises! Loved it! Had to draw something batman related. Here's a quick sketch to celebrate a fantastic movie!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I've been slowly learning Maya for a while and hence no posts in a long time. Took a break today and did a doodle in photoshop. Pixar's Brave has got me excited and hence I did a cartoony doodle of an archer.