Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well... I'm a Superman fan so just doodled this while chilling at home! Hope you like it.... I still have a lot to learn in digital painting... and anatomy (!) but I wanted to share this anyways!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

11SecondClub November2010 entry

This is my first ever submission for the 11 second club. I love this competition and this community in general. I really enjoyed working on this and hope to continue doing so whenever I can find the time.. Please do feel to give me some feedback on it!


Just saw Tangled yesterday. Sadly just got to catch the French dubbed version.. can't wait to watch it again in English.
Rapunzel's eyes are SO alive that just that made me wanna draw something as pretty and this doodle came about ... hope you like it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Attitude....Dialogue animation

A rough dialogue animation test I worked on at home for practice. dialogue source:
Felt good to work with an x-sheet after a while!

Rough scene animation...


Well...being true to myself and the title of this blog... it is animation that I love doing the most and I'm getting started on doing some mini home projects...

So I'm sharing with you a few quick animation tests I did at home some took half an hour some took a couple.. so they're pretty rough but felt awesome to do some traditional animation again!

Colours..and HE-MAN!!!

Finally working on the computer ... I've started playing with colour again. I know I'm not the best with handling colours yet.. especially in terms of choosing the right colours.. but I do enjoy rendering it and creating the shadows, highlits etc.. I hope to get better at it with practice and here's some of this kind of work I wanted to share with you...

I made the he-man illustration for a friend of mine at work and it was really nostalgic just drawing the most powerful man in the universe after a LONG time!

Cintiq ROCKS!!!

About 2 months back, I bought the Wacom Cintiq tablet. OOh man am I glad to have made that purchase!!!
Here are some doodles drawn with the tablet... hope you like them..

Friday, November 5, 2010

casual character designs....

more Doodles

When I started working here in France, we had to attend some mandatory French classes for some months... which basically meant more doodling... haha... so it's all these various little moments that I could sketch in.. and on the metro back home.. that you get to see here.. I hope you like them.. please do leave me any comments.. critisisms are always welcome too! ;)

...and some more life drawing..


Some random sketches done during breaks at work or while travelling...

some more life drawings..

Life drawings

Some great people here at Ankama arrange for life drawing sessions regularly...
Here are some quick sketches from some of these sessions....

Apologies for the blogging sabbatical!

Hey Guys...
I moved to France in April 2009 and have been happily working as a flash Animator at Ankama Animations. Ever since then, I've just been working and resting at home on the weekends. Admittedly I've been doing some sketches every now and then but had been lazy to be uploading them...

I think I'm now comfortable taking some time out and do some work at home on the weekends and keep posting it. I'm posting some sketches from then to date.. just a few that I did find and felt I could upload.

I sincerely hope to be regular from now on and hope you like my work...